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3D-IMAX "Monkey King"

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"Monkey King" Poster 
Filmling with Mandarin and Beijing invested 300 million yuan Wen Huadong Run by Liu Xiaoguang as a producer, Huang Zihuan as the playwright, directed by renowned director Cheang Pou Soi Magic 3D-IMAX live action film, "Monkey King", has officially confirmed, "Monkey King" corner will be featuring Donnie Yen. According to Filmko responsible person said that film location in Flower and Fruit Mountain, Water Curtain Cave scenic spot of Zhangjiajie, Hunan has been selected, and the film fox's "nest" in the Kunlun Mountains, Western mountain shooting, part of the Virtual Wuxi, Jiangsu Province will be shot went . In addition, the film Bull Demon, Princess Iron Fan, Jade Emperor, Bodhi ancestors, Erlang, us and the fox be finalized in 12 key roles, the cast will be announced selection.

"Monkey King" Whispering Yen 300 million yuan forging 3D-IMAX "Monkey King"

From the film "Once Upon a Time Strength of Men" in order to lay a damp cloth as a weapon action star Donnie Yen's position began to "fuse" in the blood spray Zhang's "Zhen Gongfu", to the reputation of the box office flying the movie "Ip Man "just the right cultural performances and drama to the meat of the action role will Sincere, to help Donnie Yen among the most successful Chinese-language box-office appeal and star of the series. For the movie "Havoc in Heaven" investment side, also has a real skill, good acting, and appealing to viewers of the film Donnie Yen is also the "Monkey King" the best choice, "300 million yuan of investment for the Filmling is an unprecedented scale film production, comprehensive consideration of many commercial elements, Donnie Yen is the 'Monkey King' best candidate for the corner. "In addition, Yen-owned brokerage firm also recently confirmed that as the" Monkey King "in" Monkey King "message:" Monkey King in terms of the role of the Yen is certainly a great challenge worth trying, and Donnie Yen is also confident can "Monkey King" role on its head. "

Hong Kong Film Festival as early as during the high-profile Filmling already announced the next five years, "3D film project", in which 3D-IMAX live action fantasy film "Havoc in Heaven" is full of the scheme for the carry 1, "3D movie screen number of the proliferation and escalation of theater viewing devices,Compaq M2000 Keyboard|  3D movies will be the future of mainstream cinema," According to Liu Qing said "This film, starring Donnie Yen's 3D-IMAX version of" Big Havoc in Heaven "will be with a new three-dimensional film technology and strong all-star lineup, a number of similar themes in the most dazzling one."

Hunan Zhangjiajie Huaguoshan selected

In addition to participating formalized Donnie Yen, "Monkey King", the early start last summer to film location - "Flower and Fruit Mountain, Water Curtain Cave" is also the final selection of the location of scenic spot of Zhangjiajie, Hunan, the greatest reduction of tablet film will The magnificent scene in Flower and Fruit Mountain. According to CLC film, Donnie Yen will be staged in the fruit and flowers more than a location with the heavenly, demon fighting action game, in addition to shocking the fight scenes more than magic, but also enjoy the majestic scenery of Zhangjiajie scenic spot.

In addition, the movie "Monkey King" of the five magical scene - Samsung concept, Pan Taoyuan, heaven, and the East China Sea Dragon Palace and the Flaming Mountain of the interior landscape structure and the filming will be fully completed in Beijing. The total area of 25,000 square meters studio, studio set up,HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard|  chosen King of wood, including the tremendous background of realistic rock, waterfalls and caves DC steep valley, and all the wooden structures, the wire bundles, and finally pouring cement is made More than 23,000 are expected to use the root wood, wire more than 10 tons over 100 tons of cement. Heaven will be a transparent resin material, be sure to let heaven give the audience the scene gorgeous, unreal feeling. King shed structures will cost 5 million, can be described as the largest domestic movie cost interior play. Shed after the end of filming, the crew went to Wuxi, Jiangsu Province will begin again the scene of the shooting video Scenery.

12 Chinese stars help out

According to another report, the movie "Monkey King" in the Bull Demon King, Princess Iron Fan, Jade Emperor, Bodhi ancestors, Erlang, us and the fox, etc. The most important role will also be 12 in Taiwan, Chinese star full star in a thread. Dazzling star team of Chinese-language film will be re spectacular lineup. And their shape or god or demon will become the movie "Monkey King" is another major part.

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* "True Love Kiss," the story

       A husband and wife by the ancient family curse -   Er Hesen and Ji Sika Although he was noble, but had a long nose with pig's daughter, Franklin couple had lied to her daughter grief born on death ... ... this unfortunate noble girl Penelope became the victims of this ancient curse. Many years later, the girl grew up, as too ugly,Dell laptop battery| her dislike themselves, any limit their freedom, never go out, always afraid one day the world will discover that she is so ugly and despised her. However, Penelope hope that one day, just like Buli Ji Special Jane as a charming prince fell in love with her. According to family history records, if Penelope can find a true love for her man, and man can get a kiss, they can break the curse, Penelope began the hard road to find true love ... ... indulgence gambler Max looks like a candidate with a well-known, but he had never expect what their achievements, but also never thought that one day with Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella's what love. Shameless reporter Lai Mengmeng hired Max for a petition to disguise who work for him. Teaching in Lemon said, the Max snapped pictures of Penelope. Penelope actually by chance involved in a film. However, while Penelope and vivacity, sweet goodness, after all, she is still not the same as Tim Burton, Tim Burton for their own people to create a pleasant exchange with the space, but often because of Penelope shape and not close to her. Penelope place by shooting a film in London, but she felt living in a city than London and more luxurious places, such as Los Angeles or New York because a large number of handsome,hp laptop keyboard| cool and British stars are gathered here We all use a standard American accent, chatting, it seems that back in the fifties of the twentieth century Golden Age of Hollywood. Penelope met the brave girl riding a motorcycle Anne, the two go hand in hand to New York to find the true love ... ...

 "True Love Kiss" behind the scenes

Behind the scenes making: on the movie film screenings at the Toronto Film Festival, the producers, directors and stars have attended the festival. "Penelope" hard to find the essence of the myth and the main motive seems to automatically become and "Edward Scissorhands," "Amelie" and other films for the excitement of par. Girl looking for love on the pig nose break spell of legend (like there are many), it seems that many of the play or the film has shown, acer 5520 lcdeven a certain kind of narrative thread, it can easily win the audience's recognition and laughter, but not like that by heart the most profound depths of love and touch the audience the story. So much film is the story of a beautiful, than it is a lovely play physical performance, with its lovely and relaxing, romantic to impress the audience. About the director Mark Polanski was born in Toronto, the city had in the movie "Pearl Harbor" as assistant director in 2005, he was director Michael Bay's film "The Island" (The Island) in any second-unit director, In the same year, directed the independent film "Key" (Key).x431 This time, the film "Penelope" in his hometown of Toronto's Film Festival screenings, director Mark is undoubtedly the most intense. Christina Ricci on the actor was born in California in 1980. Starred in "Black Snake Moan" (Black Snake Moan, 2006), the "curse" (Cursed, 2004), the "Monster" (Monster, 2003), the "White Rose" (The White Rose, 2006 years) . Read these, you seem to not be too difficult to imagine a long nose with pig how ugly girls have won the hearts of it will be lovely? Christina Ricci star in the pig nose girl, brought the audience to not be scared, but surprise. The film includes many well-known actor of international fame, they are handsome or beautiful appearance and excellent performance makes the film even more powerful good. In particular, James Mack Ivy performance in the film, so that the film was more a weird color.

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She's Out of My League

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      "I'm good enough for her," the story

Crazy funny comedy will be incorporated into the old-style love story, videos created by the atmosphere is full of wild fun atmosphere ... ... just in his early 20s   (Jieyibalu Machel decoration) is Pittsburgh airport in the transport sector, a common security, and now he is still and high school friends who understand mixed,
HP Pavilion DV5000 Battery|Dell Inspiron 1525 AC Adapter|DV1000 Adapter|Dell PA-12 AC Adapterx431|Dell Inspiron 5100 Adapter|they were Jack (Mike Vogel ornaments), Steiner (T · J · Miller ornaments) and Germany Man (Nate Teluolunsi decoration). Day fantasy of how Kirk and his former girlfriend, Marnie (Linsaisilong decoration) happened in the past, but she already has a new boyfriend - in short, Kirk seemed particularly satisfied with his day after a day doing nothing, until one day, a beautiful woman Molly bright spots (Alice Eve ornaments) from his window at the airport, passing the examination is not accidentally lost their mobile phone to the ground .

Molly is a smart, sophisticated and sleek women, and has a stunning beauty, how to look and Kirk are two people in the world,
HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard|laptop keyboard|HP Laptop keyboard| HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboardso when Kirk had the courtesy to return phone, Molly made to bring it two hockey The vote to express their gratitude to the Kirk returning lost money, he did not much like to accept it - but made him feel very surprised that this exists only in dreams too beautiful girl, the next second even to him made an appointment request.

        Maybe this world, no Bi Keke and Molly even less well matched couple, and this is no way to disputed facts, including the Kirk family and friends, all the time to remind him. To Steiner's words - like this girl Molly, HP/Compaq Laptop keyboardHP/Compaq Laptop keyboard|Compaq M2000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard| is the feminine by men Zhongxingpengyue As for Kirk, it is impossible to obtain the kind of woman s heart the most hapless.

Even so, Molly is the same like in the magic underground determination and vowed to win the favor of Kirk - Kirk felt, all of endless tangle, he still can not understand, like Molly so good girl how may themselves produce such a strong interest in art? Molly could not resist the offensive in the next, Kirk began gradually to believe,
8600 Adapter|Dell Inspiron 1501 Adapter|HP 417220-001 Adapter|Dell inspiron 1300 AC Adapter|Compaq keyboard perhaps on them really have any special quality to attract a beautiful girl, he's felt it was time put a serious affection. With the growing relationship between two people deep, the first time Kirk had confidence in themselves, and think should not create a completely different future. However, when Kirk first met Molly's parents that when the noble status, but because of a disastrous series of accidents left them with a very tragic bad impression, even to make this love relationship with is also rapidly die out.

Loss of precious bee, in the friend's help, began to wake up in the Kirk all means, just to make Molly back to the embrace of their own, which put all are his best curries favor and feared extraordinary measures. But as Molly's ex-boyfriend to join frivolous and Kirk's ex-girlfriend Marnie suddenly back, Kirk's emotional complexity of the road suddenly became a lot, he is merely trying to prove the fact that you want to - As long as you work hard enough and insisted that the power of love really can make up any gap between the objective?

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Film response "no man's land" dystocia: an accurate schedule of 51 announced

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Ning Hao, "no man's land" dystocia


        Ning Hao's new work, "no man's land" schedule postponed again and again, recently has been discovered on May 20 in the original release date can not be honored once again, reasons are complicated. April 26 afternoon, the reporter called a number of head of China Film Group, including producers, general manager Zhao City branch, said the film still in post-production schedule shown to the market to determine the overall situation, accurate information will be released after 51 .

A spokesman for China Film Group's first call into river, the other said he was outside, do not know the specific circumstances of the matter; Subsequently, Xu Bing, general manager from the distribution branch,Compaq keyboard|HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard|HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard|Compaq M2000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard| the reporter learned that distribution sector has not yet received a group of film May 20 schedule delay notice, the producer of their work to other departments issued a notice to proceed. But, "no man's land" does not start any issue's action. If the remaining 25 days or so should be shown, then this is clearly not in line with common sense of.

Finally, Film Production Company's general manager Zhao connect the city, he said that "no man's land" which is also post-production. Asked whether there is now a film on schedule, Zhao said the city "of course." However,HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard|laptop keyboard|HP Laptop keyboard| he immediately said: "This film is not completed many special effects, which need special effects with many international companies, depending on their timing. In addition, the schedule of a movie needs a lot of factors combined market OK, the same file as the Lunar New Year, will consider other large commercial films as well as the impact of imports and so on. But the 51, we should be able to give accurate information. "
 "No man's land," the story

Actor (Xu Zheng ornaments) to drive to the west, on the road continually encounter all sorts of people, causing a number of stories; the story behind one of the animals, and social properties such as the deep themes of mutual struggle will in the "road" on the deduction.

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"Secret Love" premiered at the Seoul media Rui Yin Zhen Sex in the highest expectations

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Yoo Ji-tae and Rui Yin Zhen

According to South Korean media reports, the movie "Secret Love" cast on the 15th king of miles in Seoul CGV theater premiere at the media and press appearances, video film production Yoo Ji-tae, Yoon Jane Ray attended the live event. In addition, many Korean artists have also been invited to view films before,
HP Laptop keyboard| HP/Compaq Laptop keyboard| Compaq M2000 Keyboard| including Yoo Ji-tae's girlfriend Jin Xiaozhen and show love with Hye Sun, Kim Ha Neul and other popular stars all showed up to cheer for the publicity, the scene can be described as a star-studded.

After the premiere, organizers will arrange a press meet. Yoo Ji-tae, Yin Zhen Xun Liu Shui and film director in full to the scene. Rui Zhen Yin admitted at a press conference too excited because of his led to tension in the night before the premiere to not sleep. She was also part of the movie Sex in his views, she said, "
HP Pavilion zv5000 Keyboard|HP Pavilion NX9100 Keyboard|Laptop keyboard|the film before I was attracted by the script and role to decide in this movie, but the relationship may be the film genre, and now all eyes seem to have Sex in part focused on the expense of emotional opera. (media) to hang out but I think the expectations of especially heavy burden. "

On the other hand, Yoo Ji-tae in the film, who played two roles in a very cause for concern. He also complained bitterly to reporters, said the twins played hard. He said that "these two roles as both sides of the same coin, both have the same point of difference. During the filming I always worried how to make the two roles to show different feelings. At this point directed to a lot of help, a lot of dialogue he used to help me solve this problem. "

"Secret Love" about a pair of twin brothers, the younger brother in London and evidently not the love story between the subject matter is controversial, it has been in South Korea on the network to spark discussion.
HP/Compaq Laptop keyboardHP/Compaq Laptop keyboard|Compaq M2000 Keyboard| Yin Zhen Rui in the movie "Secret Love" in the role of Yan in Iraq with her husband after a car crash into a trance, with her husband's twin brother (Yoo Ji-tae decoration) both fall in love.

South Korean media, Korean version was hailed as "Lust, Caution" in the film "Secret Love" will be officially released on March 25.

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"Resident Evil 4" exclusive Chinese Trailer

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Recently, according to the Hollywood game adaptation "Resident Evil 4" and be exposed trailer.
Preview Milla Jovovich guns into battle, fighting women showed a consistent style; and has starred in "Resident Evil 3" Aililate also appears in the trailer, and the composition of fierce female Mira partner.

The movie "Resident Evil 4" is about the Alice to continue their journey to find survivors of the virus, she and the "umbrella" company's battle in the sequel has risen to a higher level. At the same time she was an old friend's help, the guide down to Los Angeles to avoid zombies attack, but was not expecting to fall into a trap, Los Angeles full of corpses in the figure, Alice and the surviving soldiers had to continued to fight. Film is still directed by Paul Anderson surgeon, played the Reloaded female Qiaowoweiqi doing my part, the actor is replaced by the "escape" the male "Wentworth" Wen  , do not know two seemingly can not come to this point the combination of the horror movie dying to bring some new ideas.

The movie "Resident Evil 4" will be held September 10, 2010 release in the United States.

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Film "Ninth District," Synopsis

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Country: United States English Name: DISTRICT 9

Genre: Action / Thriller / Sci-Fi Length: 112 minutes

Producer: Peter Jackson Peter Jackson

Director: Neill Blomkamp Nierbulong Camp

Screenplay: Nierbulong Camp Neill Blomkamp  Terri Tatchell

Starring: Shaertuoke Prairie Sharlto Copley

Zhansenkubo Jason Cope

William Allen Young William Allen Young

Robert Booth Robert Hobbs Hu

Kenneth Gao Kenneth Nkosi.

Production company: TriStar Pictures, Wingnut Films

The introduction of Release: China Film Group Corporation (import and export companies, film distribution company)

Assist in the promotion: Shanghai Huayu Film Co., Ltd.

20 years ago, a huge alien spaceship in the capital of Johannesburg, South Africa over the intent of those who do not know to a loss of human moment, but the fear of waiting a few months later, finally lost patience with the man decided to do out of reach - on board an alien spacecraft.

The result is unpredictable to earth, the spacecraft like a huge refugee camp, which was covered in dirty millions, severe malnutrition, the alien looks like a prawn. Although the Earth has enough for people of advanced technology and a deadly weapon, in front of the "size" has really made it hard to understand. The beginning, out of humanitarian considerations and the number of foreign stars civilization there is a certain psychological fear, earth materials, to help them with all kinds of alien refugees, but time goes by, the appearance of aliens ugly, vulgar and barbaric acts the way of life to earthlings they gradually lost interest, feeling of contempt began to spread, and finally, after 20 years in the past, alien refugees to degenerate into the lowest class of society - people specialized in South Africa called "the ninth zone" They used to isolate the slums. Called MNU (Multi-National United) on the surface of multi-appointed Commissioner of the Associated Press in the ninth district and aliens negotiate an agreement signed by the expulsion, in fact it is terrible to look focused on crack alien weapon, which is entrenched in Ninth District of earth same gang leaders of the conspiracy. Multi-Union Society is the world's second largest arms manufacturers, they found the secret, alien weapons, alien startup needs DNA.

Commissioner Young pregnant, but more simple Associated Press president's son, had just won by the father's care he was entrusted with the responsibility for promotion - responsible for extraterrestrial signed an agreement to accept relocation. However, in the operation of an accident, the pregnant alien substance that can be hurt, thus the body has undergone tremendous variation. DNA variants that he became more and more like an alien!

But wait for the panic-stricken pregnant can be, not the care of relatives and timely relief, the eyes of his father suddenly become a most valuable commodity on earth, he was the first successful absorption of the alien genes and survival human, and this made him more alien weapons development Associated Press experiments of the most important part. A series of inhuman experiments in waiting for him, he eventually scientists will dismembered alien DNA to solve problems co-exist in the human body so far. Pregnant may put up strong resistance, and escape the MNU, but then began to flee his career, he forces the placement of a large variety of MNU for unwarranted charges, so deserted, at this time may start to feel the inconstancy of human relationships pregnant, nowhere to hide, he left a place to go - the 9th District.

Side of the body deformity mutation Huai tolerable pain, side and also out of a "medical guinea pigs" of the hunt, and even gang leaders may also seek pregnant body "unknown virus" of mass destruction. Ninth District in the days of hiding, gradually began to be pregnant alien point of view of their experience, in order to get rid of their own destiny, pregnant with an alien hiding in the 9th District Christopher adventure together, in fact, he came into contact alien substance is a fuel, as long as fuel is able to give back this extraterrestrial alien back to this planet, blocking and under a hard-fought to resolve the crisis of human hair-trigger ... ...

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